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Homeowner Tip: Spring Home Maintenance

May 18, 2014 09:02 PM

Not surprising after the winter we faced in Chicago this year, our spring has been just as fickle. With a few nice days here and there you can start to get your home ready for the summer months that are well on their way. From lawn care to home maintenance, we've got a few tips that will help you save on your energy bills and show off your home this season. It might even be time for a home remodel with us!

Cooling System Checkup. After months of not using your AC unit, it’s time to give it a good once over before you find yourself with a broken air conditioner the first hot weekend of the summer. Take a minute to check the filter and replace it if necessary. Dirty or clogged filters make your AC unit work harder than it needs to, upping your energy bill and potentially damaging the unit. You should replace the filter once per month during the cooling season.

Get Garden Ready. Remember when you disconnected these in the fall? Now it’s time to inspect your outside hose faucets for winter freeze damage. Turn on the water and check the flow by placing your thumb over the opening. If you can stop the flow of water, your pipe inside the wall might be damaged and need replacing. If you stored your garden hoses in a dry, elevated place over the winter, you might not have to replace them. However, check for dry rot anyway.


Lawn Care. Before you bust out the lawn mower, leaf blower, or other lawn tools, inspect them for damage and make sure they are ready for use. Replace batteries and fill gas powered lawn equipment with fresh gas to be safe. Clean any yard equipment with sharp blades to make lawn care easier and more efficient.


Exterior Facelift. Give your home a facial this spring by renting or borrowing a power washer to remove any dirt, mold or stains that might have accumulated over the winter. Avoid taking a power washer to your windows or deck – you could do more harm than good. Some areas that you can power wash are:

·      Siding

·      Patio made of concrete or brick

·      Front porch made of concrete or brick

·      Driveway

·      Garage floor

·      Lawn furniture

·      Fences

Forest Glen Construction works with local, Chicago area well-qualified trades to help solve any spring home maintenance problems you and your home might face. Serving the North suburbs of Chicago, Forest Glen is based in Riverwoods, IL. If you would like to learn more about preparing your home for spring, or are thinking now is the time for a home remodel, call us at 847-236-0895.


Original content created with help from HGTV, Kiplinger and Energy.gov. Image sources Ask the Design Diva and Tractor Supply Co.


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