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Kitchen Trends: The Coffee Bar

August 12, 2013 02:19 PM
Coffee Bar in Evanston, IL Kitchen
© Coffee Bar in Evanston, IL Kitchen

Coffee starts off the day for the majority of Americans. Drinking a cup or two of coffee is a morning ritual of supreme importance to most people; for some it is even more essential than breakfast. It's not surprising that there is a trend for creating a coffee bar in the kitchen, so that everything you need is located in one handy place. You can relax and savor a delicious cup of coffee at home, while saving yourself time and expense visiting a coffee shop.

The ideal coffee bar would include a coffee maker, storage cabinets, a small sink, and an under-counter refrigerator. The cabinetry is useful for storing coffee cups and mugs, condiments, utensils, napkins and a waste basket. The sink is handy for filling the coffee pot and rinsing out after use. The refrigerator will keep milk, cream and coffee beans fresh longer. Remember to include several electrical outlets for plugging in your coffee maker, espresso machine and coffee grinder, if you prefer to grind your own.

An alternative is a built in system, like Miele's Whole Bean Coffee System. This appliance features fully automated controls for creating cappuccinos, lattes and espresso with the touch of a button. It features a removable water tank, but also may be direct plumbed.

If you do not have space in your kitchen for a full coffee bar, create a coffee nook in a location that is close to your sink and refrigerator. You can place your coffeemaker on the counter, while you store coffee supplies in appropriate cabinetry above and below. Choose a wall cabinet with glass doors so you can show off your attractive collection of coffee mugs.

Forest Glen has previously worked with customers who inquire about coffee bars, not as elaborate as espresso machine worthy, but a space where they can hide often-used appliances. A pull out cabinet can store just as much as a full coffee bar, while also maintaining practicality. The image above is from a custom Forest Glen Construction kitchen remodel in Evanston, IL. Our design staff suggested the cabinet selected for its accessibility and continues to recommend it as a coffee bar supplement as the trend continues to grow in popularity.


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