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Kitchen Remodeling & Renovation

Starry-eyed new homeowners, do-it-yourself weekend warriors, and property owning veterans all have laundry lists of ways to improve their current home. Maybe the family is growing, the yellow bathroom tile finally gets to you, or your Pinterest page entitled “dream kitchen” is overflowing with ideas that are too far out of budget. You realize there might be some things you can’t do yourself, like a full kitchen renovation. 

Forest Glen Construction specializes in kitchen remodeling. It is our bread and butter, if you will. We help get you from your internet scouring phase, to the actual design phase, and through to construction. Our expertise and experience working on the North Shore means we’re familiar with older homes and the challenges that come with remodeling them.

The DIY project you thought you could tackle until you realized, hey, you’re not a licensed plumber and those pipes won’t move on command, are the projects that we look for. Our team of designers, architects and subcontractors not only work to conquer those challenges, but improve the lifespan of your home in the process. Forest Glen works to ensure issues you had with your home before you hired us will not resurface after we’re finished.  We top it off with our 5-year warranty. 

Taking on a full kitchen remodel is a huge investment. Working with Forest Glen Construction, a full service design/build firm, means skipping the independent architect charging you thousands for plans, and going right to the source, the builder. Our designers work to understand your needs and the limitations that might surface due to the structure of your home. What works on HGTV might not work for your space, but the ideas we have are specialized to fit your budget, timeline and family needs.

Our initial design consultation is completely free of charge and the beginning of collaboration where Forest Glen works with you toward the same goal – to make your dream kitchen, reality.

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Forest Glen Construction Kitchen Remodel in Evanston
Forest Glen Construction Deerfield Kitchen Remodel
Forest Glen Construction Highland Park Kitchen Remodel

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