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Spring Home Exterior Inspection Guide

Spring Home Maintenance

Chicago has hopefully seen its final snow of the season and as we patiently wait for it to wash away, homeowners should take some time for quality spring home maintenance. Knocking these tasks off your list will help avoid paying bigger repair bills in the months to come. The experts at Forest Glen recommend the following spring exterior home inspection guide to help you save money this season. 

Exterior Inspection 

Take a lap around your home and inspect the following areas for damage:

Walls: Look for problem areas around the exterior of your home. Regardless of the building materials - wood or vinyl siding, stucco or brick - check for gaps or trouble spots around the eaves and gutters, splits in the siding, or discoloration around doors and windows. Finding damage early could prevent costly repairs. 

Chimney: Chimney damage is very common during harsh winters and if it's not handled properly, you run the risk of more serious roof damage as well. Check if there are any gaps between the bricks or stones - has vegetation grown in between the spaces? If you see a lot of wear and tear, consider hiring a professional to seal your chimney to avoid water infiltration. 

Roof: Look for any gutters pulling away from the roof. Take note of curled shingles, a warning sign that your attic is in need of more ventilation. 

If you don't already have an ice and water shield under your shingles, this spring would be an ideal time to install it. Once the ice and water shield is in place, move down to your attic. Increase ventilation between the ridge and soffit of your roof by adding more vents. Install ridge vents in the roof and help eliminate ice damming next winter. 

Windows: Don't underestimate how important it is to maintain your windows - one of the most vital elements to your home. Signs of air-leaks can lead to water infiltration issues and make your home less energy efficient. Check the caulking and weather stripping around each window and determine replacement needs. Any condensation inside the glass on a double or triple paned window is a sure sign that the weather seal needs to be replaced. 

Forest Glen Construction works with local, Chicago area well-qualified trades to help solve any spring home maintenance problems you and your home might face. Serving the North suburbs of Chicago, Forest Glen is located in Highland Park, IL. If you would like to learn more about preparing your home for spring, or are thinking now is the time for a home remodel, call us at 847-236-0895.


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