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Video: Deerfield Customer Testimonial

Deerfield Customer Testimonial
Deerfield Customer Testimonial

Investing in a remodeling job or room addition can be an intimidating experience. Many of us at Forest Glen have lived through remodeling ourselves and understand how frustrating it can be to live in temporary housing or out of your basement for several months during construction. Stress is inevitable, which is why we strive to minimize those irritating moments with transparent communication, and above all, friendliness.

Our projects repeatedly lead to great relationships with our customers and members of the north shore community, and we thought it was time you heard it from them. We interviewed a handful of Forest Glen customers to share their remodeling experience, and encourage those of you contemplating your own project to build in good company with Forest Glen. 

The first installment of our customer testimonial series comes to you from Deerfield, IL where Nick and Erin share their story:



The job included a two story frame addition with a screened in porch on the first floor and a master bed and bathroom suite on the second floor. The front porch was expanded and the entire facade was madeover.


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