We care about design and craftsmanship,
but most importantly we care about you.

This is what it means
to build in good company
with Forest Glen:

With nearly three decades of design and construction experience under our belts, we understand how personal a home improvement project can be. An investment in your home is also an investment in your family’s future, which is our motivation to find the best solutions for your space, time, and budget.

We meet to discuss your home and your needs
Every project begins with an initial meeting to get acquainted, talk about your vision, and discuss your budget. This is a no obligation brainstorming session to make sure we are all on the same page about your goals for the project, how changes can impact scheduling and pricing, and to make sure Forest Glen is a good fit for you and your family.

Tip: Set aside 1-2 hours for our initial meeting and make sure all the decision makers are at the table. We gladly accommodate evening and weekend appointments, as we know scheduling can be a challenge.

We do our homework
We follow up with a walkthrough of the space to collect measurements and photos. A copy of your plat of survey would be helpful, too.

At our next meeting we present our design proposal which includes a scope of work detailing each component of the project from building methods to materials. Our design process is collaborative to ensure we find the best solutions for your space, time, and budget.

Tip: We love to swap ideas and inspiration with our clients – follow us on social media for easy sharing!

We make it official
When we have agreed to work together we execute a formal Construction Contract for the designs and scope of work. Once the contract is signed, our architect gets to work drawing plans for the project.

When the plans become available, 2-4 weeks later (depending on project size and scope), we review them with you and make any necessary revisions. Once you approve the architectural drawings, we submit them to the municipality for permitting.

Note: The permit process varies by town and project and can take between 4-10 weeks.

We help you make decisions and define your style
This is when it gets fun! While we wait for the permits, we head to the showrooms (or the internet) to select what we need for your project. From windows and cabinets to plumbing fixtures and hardware, we distill the endless options with top quality recommendations from our trusted vendors that align with your family’s style.

We get to work
With building permits in hand, we create a workflow schedule and introduce you to our building team and Project Manager. We review the details and make any adjustments. Construction typically begins within 2-3 weeks of acquiring the permit.

Tip: Download our CoConstruct app and follow along with the building progress. Share notes with our team, review change orders and financials, and track inspections throughout the entire project.

We finish strong
As your home improvements near completion, we organize a punch list for final items that need our attention. We update our work schedules accordingly to ensure your complete satisfaction with the job.

We protect our work
Every Forest Glen project is protected with a comprehensive 5-year warranty. This tried and true policy is a foundation of our business and serves as our promise to you that if any issues arise they will be quickly resolved.

We stay in touch
We are so grateful for the opportunity to transform your space into the home of your dreams! We hope you will share your experience in a job satisfaction survey so we can continue to improve our business.